Attract Your Ideal Freelance Clients!

The Fastest Way For Freelancers To Build Recurring Revenue Relationships With Profitable Clients

  • Improve Your Business Profile
  • Perfect Your Client Pitch
  • Build A Relationship

Is Your Online Profile Hurting You?

Are you a struggling freelancer or entrepreneur who is looking to find profitable client relationships?

Stop wasting time and money. Instead, learn what profitable clients want from someone who knows!

To attract the type of client relationships you desire, we will help you to avoid these THREE common mistakes in your profile strategy:

  • Posting Info & Pictures That Reduce Your Credibility
  • Sending Unsolicited Pitches That Drive Prospects Away
  • Being Overly Aggressive (or Needy) In Your Initial Pitch


You Will Learn To Create

an amazing freelance profile & Pitch

We will provide you with immediate step-by-step guidance, along with helpful details and reasoning. There are just three easy steps!


Look The Part

We live in a world where your prospective clients are basing many of their decisions on the way you present yourself online.


It’s Not About You

No one wants to hear a cold pitch from you about your services. But everyone has a PAIN they want solved. Discover what that is.


Be The Solution

People rarely get married on the first date. So don’t rush prospects into paying you immediately. Build a relationship by solving a simple pain first for free.


who Is Spence?

And how I can help You with this workshop

I’ve spent most of my life an an entrepreneur, learning to find things that other people found “painful”, and then solving these problems with a paid solution of my own design

I learned very early on that human beings are hard-wired to make judgements about people based on visual clues, whether someone makes it about them, and the trust that comes only from a personal relationship.

I’ve found that dating and business are very similar in most every regard!

I’ve also found that, time and again, freelancers make the same obvious business profile mistakes that are so EASY to fix…if they only had my help.

Fortunately, my team and I can help you to understand how to setup your profile to attract eligible prospects and turn them into paying customers, but only after you’ve spent the time to discover their true pain and offer solutions for free that build trust.

You’ll learn how this simple three step technique can open you up to meeting the type of clients that will continue to work with you today and into the future, instead of the “hit and run” encounters you will find when you try to beg for work on a job board or cold-hustle people via social networking.

Imagine the satisfaction of finding that the simplicity of this system was right in front of your eyes the whole time, but you were simply too distracted by modern “gurus” and technical tools to realize that human behavior has not changed for all recorded history.

I look forward to sharing this workshop with you, and offer you my unconditional 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel you have received more value than the small cost, I insist that you should receive your money back and my full attention as to what I can do to improve the content for others.



In This Workshop

you will learn
  • What prospective clients ACTUALLY want versus what they may say
  • The three simple things that every prospective client needs from you
  • How to be direct with telling prospective clients what you really want
  • How to highlight your best pain solutions to a prospective client
  • What qualities you should be looking for in prospective clients
  • Boundaries you must have so prospective clients know where you stand
  • How to move from doing free pain solutions to a paid recurring revenue


Your Best Profile

with Our help
Your Best Profile Thumb

YOU Are The Product

Marketing yourself is the same as marketing a product. You must optimize the message and pitch to attract the “customer” you desire… someone with pain points you can solve with your expertise.


We are All Freelancers!

Everyone on my team is a freelancer or entrepreneur with years of client pain-solving experience, including myself. We’ve personally seen every mistake (and success) a freelancer can make with one’s online dating profile!


You Have Nothing To Lose

Our goal with this workshop is to help you attract the perfect “match” through our experience and insights. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, we will give you a FULL refund…no questions asked!

achieve maximum results:

Personal Strategy Session

You will meet for one hour on Zoom with myself or one of my hand-selected team members, and you will learn what to do and how to do it when it comes to attracting, meeting and interacting with prospective clients. If you want to succeed quickly, this is a great way to ask for and receive answers to all your questions!


Popular questions

About My Services

It’s a proven fact that none of us see ourselves in the same way as others. Compound that with the fact that prospective clients view your profile in a completely different way than you might expect…and you quickly realize that you need the help of an experience entrepreneur & freelancer, who is an expert in marketing, to optimize your profile for best results.

This is designed for immediate results. As such, you can work through the materials in a couple of hours, and then spend another couple of hours on applying what you’ve learned. One of the key points of this workshop is for it to be used immediately in real-life so you can dynamically adjust your profile as you learn more from actual prospective clients with whom you interact.

We are entering into a relationship of trust and sharing. I am promising to use my years of experience and intuition to deliver honest and sincere advice on how you can get best results. I only ask you to reciprocate by being honest and sincere with accepting this advice. If you are truly unsatisfied, and I cannot remedy the same, then I will provide you with a 100% refund.

Yes. The benefit of this workshop, or Personal Strategy Session, is that all optimization advice is applicable to any of the major professional networks that you may be using, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, Upwork and more. Simply follow my suggestions for each network on which you may have a profile.

Sometimes you may have a lot of questions on your mind about what to do AFTER you start attracting a lot of prospective clients. For this, we can have a personal Zoom call for one hour to discuss the details about how to move things forward in the direction you prefer, how to present yourself in a way the increases your chance of success and more. This session expands beyond your profile and into the details you need to succeed when you actually have someone who can be converted into a paying, recurring revenue client.